Hello Joel Grimes Academy members!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Academy, and I hope you have found this content to be educational and inspirational. Some of you might have seen the promotional ads for the new Joel Grimes website and have wondered what this is all about and how this differs from the Academy here.

It has been just about a year since I launched the Joel Grimes Academy with my assistant Wyatt, and we worked hard to build out a platform that would not only provide amazing educational content, but also build a social community of like-minded members. We worked hard on creating the Sync-Up Cafe, JGA Flickr group, the Fifty Self-Assignment Club, etc.… To our surprise, we found very little member participation in these community outlets.

The other complaint from members was the inability to digitally download the content to review without having to be online. We also found it very difficult to keep up with creating new content and the marketing and promoting the Academy.

The good news is I have partnered with a team of online marketing experts to take my education to the next level. This new model will allow me to spend my time creating new content and let the experts take care of the rest.

We have now launched the new platform that will contain all the material found on the JGA, along with a few new Start to Finish tutorials.

The current Joel Grimes Academy will still be available, but this new platform will now give you the ability to digital download the content and review it for years to come and will be where new content will be released.

Thank you,


Click here to visit the new website